August 26, 2009

Cheat Mountain - 50 Miler

"The reality is this: most people don't have a clue about how powerful they really are. They'll never find out until they choose to move beyond being interested and make a commitment to give what they consider the impossible shot.......the missing ingredient is the choice to commit ourselves to go where no man or women has gone before, and, along the way to endure what no one else would want to endure in order to discover success we have never known" ~ David Cottrell

For me, the above quote is dead on and I think 50 Miles of insanity is going to be a pretty good "ingredient" in the recipe of my bowhunting commitment. 50 miles is on the schedule for Friday night at the Cheat Mountain Moonshine Madness endurance run. Race start is 9pm and as it so invitingly says on their homepage......"Into the night, on to the light"....."running through the light of the night" which I will be doing all to prepare for the backcountry.

The way I figure it in my mind, and it makes perfect sense to me, if I can both physically and mentally finish a 50 mile run then I'll be able to handle almost anything on the mountain. They'll be no climb to steep, no bull to far, no meat to heavy. It's all about prepping myself for success and doing everything that I can to take chance out of the equation. With elk camp less than 3 weeks away a ton needs to be done, no time to rest. Stay tuned....race details soon.