December 19, 2009

Hope is in the Air!

Fresh photo's from the ScoutGuard reveal an old friend....I'm pumped, hope is in the air! Back at it tomorrow....

December 18, 2009

Going Pink in 2010....

Very few in today's world can say they have not been affected in some way by cancer. Be it a family member, a close friend, or a friend of a knows no boundary's.

This year in 2010 I am proud to be a part of Victory Archery's Pink Arrow project. Victory is offering a full line of their Vforce arrows in Pink with a large percentage of the proceeds going to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Check em' out here and do your part by grabbing a few.....Join me in helping to support a great cause while shooting a killer arrow. I'll be sporting a full quiver of Pink in 2010!

December 1, 2009

Slugging It Out......

Well, I'm still at it. Still chasing a mature whitetail buck to put my tag on. This season has felt like a marathon and I'm really only half way through. And just like a marathon the second half of the season is the hardest part. With the prime time over and the temperature dropping it will only get tougher to sit in a tree for hours on end.
The season hasn't been a total loss with 3 does falling to the Pearson. The Fred update is pretty dismal...haven't seen him since October 31st. Beginning to wonder if he is still around. Season ends first weekend in February stay tuned.