September 27, 2010

Badlands Ox In the Field

Returning from the backcountry of Colorado I wanted to follow up on my earlier post, The Ox, First Impressions. As stated, this trip without a doubt put it to the test. It was packed, repacked, dropped, swung, thrown, pulled, and in short.....abused. The results? Smack dab between awesome and excellent and just north of best pack period.

Leaving home bag fully packed I was pushing just short of 54lbs. Upon arrival in CO and before leaving he trail head pops and I rearranged a few things and my final weight ended up being somewhere around 63-65lbs for the 9+ mile trek into the backcountry.

During the voyage it became clear to me that one of the design points to this pack was working just as described....."the Ox is designed in such a way that pushes the frame back (which is light) and the pack forward (which is heavy) to provide the user with a sense of balance only dreamed of three years ago." Dead on....I knew I was carrying the weight, but it didn't feel like I was carrying the weight. It really did carry like a dream.

Packing the Ox was a breeze, all compartments were well located and just made sense. I had no problem fitting all my items plus some addition's in its 9 pockets and 7 compartments. Straps and zippers were strong. I piled and pushed and fit in more items than should be and never once did a strap or zipper bust, break, or even budge.

All in all I would sum up my first experience with the Ox as a great one. Over the years going into the backcountry there are a few choice items that I refuse to leave home without and the Ox by Badlands was just added to the top. Full story on the elk hunt coming soon....see you on the trail.

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