January 26, 2011

Badlands Clothing 2012

Here’s a little closer look at the new Badlands clothing line set to release around the 2012 mark. The new line will feature Badlands Bio-Thermic™ System, meaning it works with your body’s own ability to generate heat to keep you warm and dry. Through a 3 tier base, mid, and outer layer system, the line will feature the same quality of perfection that has been seen in their packs, as well as other cutting edge technology.

*SRS Scent Reduction System™ - the ultimate antimicrobial treatment
*Variable Motion Seams – enhances range of motion
*Mammoth Fleece™ - optimal heat retention
*DryVent™ - a hydro-folic coating that draws moisture to the surface
*Hex-Lite™ - honey comb fleece increasing heat retention
*Bio-Shell™ - composite fabric with treated fleece for warmth
*Thinsulate® - low profile heat retention
*Dupont Teflon DWR® - highest quality water repellent money can buy

Bottom line is this line is going to be awesome. Just when everyone thought they knew the playa’s in the clothing industry, Badlands steps in and raises the bar….hmm, isn’t really surprising. Stay tuned….

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